Tourism Accommodations Information
Tourism Enterprise/Site Classification Address Contact. No.
Strawberry Valley Hotel Inn/Hotel Km.6, Betag 422-0822
BSU –Gladiola Center Inn/Hotel Km.6, Betag 422-3397
BSU Guestel Guest house/Inn BSU 422-2127
NIA Inn Wangal 422-2435
Lily of the Valley Stay-In Puguis 09212170430
Alno Mountain Resort Resort   Zeny – 09152402379
ATI-NTC Residence/Inn BSU, Betag 422-2375
Cordillera Quest Hotel   Km.6, Betag 422-6322
Jewel Igorot Hotel Inn/Transient Km.4, Balili  
St. Paul Retreat House n/a n/a n/a
Mt. Kalugong Stay – In Tawang, LTB 09474281233