• Functions and Objectives
  • Citizen's Charter
  • Organizational Chart


 1. Functional Statement

  1.  The primary purpose of government is to establish and maintain order in the society so that members may live together peacefully and gainfully. This is achieved by regulating the relationship among the people and the government. For this purpose, laws are enacted and enforced fully to prevent the commission of offenses and when committed, to punish and / or rehabilitate the offender and restore rights of the offended in society.
  2. The administration of justice is thus a basic function of government for it is through this process that order is maintained within the community to make the viability of society. In this aspect, the courts are the instrument of peace and order.

2. Objective

  1.  To observe the three (3) month trial period for all cases pending with the court and to issue decision and judgments within on (1) month for all cases covered by the revised rule and Summary Procedure and three (3) months for all cases covered by the Revised Rules of Civil Procedure.
  2. To make case outflow equal to or even more than case inflow.
  3. To make very efficient the service of court processes, like summons, orders, subpoena, notice of hearing to litigants and witnesses, commissioners and other concerned persons with the end of minimizing the delays in court proceedings.
  4. To encourage and pursue amicable settlement of civil cases and light criminal offenses through mediation and Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR).