1. Functional Statement

  1.  Collect local taxes and other sources of revenues as provided for under book 11 of the Local Government Code of 1991 or R.A. 7160
  2. Take charge of disbursements of all municipal as other funds entrusted to him by law or by competent authority.
  3. Advice Municipal Mayor, the Sangguniang Bayan and other Local Government and National Offices concerned regarding the disposition of local government funds and other matters relative to public finance.
  4. Take custody of and exercise proper management of the funds and properties of the local government concerned.
  5. Inspect commercial and industrial establishments in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances pursuant to the provisions under Book II of the LGC.
  6. Maintain and update the tax information system of the municipality.

2. Objectives

  1.  To collect 100% of the estimated income
  2. To come up with a scheme for a systematic tax collection.
  3. To be able to come up with submission of financial reports on time.
  4. To initiate incentives and awards to deserving employees.