Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office

1. Functional Statement

 The Office on Social Welfare and Development is the social welfare arm of the Municipal Government mandated by Local Government Code of 1991 to address poverty-related concerns and committed to the care, protection and rehabilitation of individuals, families, groups and communities.

2. Objectives

  1.  To strengthen families through family enrichment activities.
  2. To support informal sectors through capability building activities and trainings.
  3. To coordinate and facilitate needed services of clients with partner agencies.
  4. To source out and mobilize appropriate resource to respond to clients’ needs.
  5. To facilitate rehabilitation of clients in need of special protection.
  6. To encourage informal sectors to participate in community development activities.
  7. To provide timely, appropriate and adequate assistance to victims of natural and man-made disasters.
  8. To advocate for policies and measures addressing social concerns and issues.