Municipal Agriculture Office

1. Functional Statement

 Extension on site research services and facilitate related to agriculture and fishery activities which include dispersal of livestock and poultry, fingerling, vegetable seed farms, medicinal plant gardens, fruit trees and other kinds of seedling nurseries; demonstration farms, improvement and development of distribution channels; preferably through cooperatives; water and soil utilization and conversion projects; enforcement of fishery laws in municipal waters including conservation of forests.

2. Objectives

  1.  To promote crop production technology and the provisions of technical assistance to farmers, mothers and youth and Rural based organization;
  2. To increase the farmer’s income by enhancing the productivity of stocks through provisions of breeding services and dispersal of upgraded breeds;
  3. To develop and tests indigenous varieties of crops adapted to municipal conditions and resources;
  4. To assist in the formulation of cooperatives and Rural Based Organizations (RBOs);
  5. To ensure a steady production of forests and fruit tree planting material for distribution;
  6. To advocate and educate farmers on the regulatory standards in support to agri-business and market development;
  7. To conduct on-farm demonstrations and trials and establish techno-demo projects;
  8. To conduct agri-related trainings, seminars and workshops;
  9. To provide quality planting materials through the maintenance of plant nurseries and seminars;
  10. To assist in the implementation and monitoring and regularly evaluate livelihood project;
  11. Intensify the implementation of agricultural programs, projects, activities thru networking with other line government agencies, non-government agencies and other partner institutions.