We envision our Barangay to be united and dynamic, to achieve political maturity and agricultural moderation sustained by our natural resources and the residents who are industrious, humble, peace loving, law abiding and God loving people.


As one community, we commit ourselves to have a higher sustainable economic, ecologically balanced environment and equitable access of resources and services.


  1. Promote good governance
  2. Increase agricultural productivity
  3. Preservation and promotion of tribal culture
  4. Transparency
  5. Strict implementation of Barangay Laws
  6. Implementation of government initiated program
  7. Instill the importance of living in clean and green environment
  8. Utilization of available resources within the Barangay and to encourage external sourcing of resources.



Barangay Lubas was largely uninhabited until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It was very rich with flora and fauna which served for hunting and food-gathering activities. Eventually, this led to the discovery of favorable settlement areas by the Ibalois.

Lubas was part of Barangay Pico during the Spanish era. It was separated from the said Barangay during the administration of President Ramon Magsaysay. Its name comes from the Ibaloi term “Dubas” referring to red clay which abounds in the area. This was used as shampoo by the folks during the earlier time. Lubas was carried as its official name.

Through the years, as people start to occupy and migrate to the very rich salad bowl of the Philippines, the municipality of La Trinidad, central barangays were first occupied.  Lubas which was located farther from the main road was later occupied. It was earlier classified as one of the rural barangays of the municipality. However, lately with the new categorization of levels of urbanization by the National Statistics Office (NSO), Lubas is now classified as urban as of 2010 Census on Population and housing.

Today, Kankanaeys predominate over Ibalois in the barangay. Migrants from Mountain Province and other areas are coming in.