At the outset, allow me the pleasure of welcoming you to the Official Website of the Municipality of La Trinidad – the Strawberry Capital and Rose Garden of the Philippines. It is our hope that thru these pages, you could catch a glimpse of our rich and unique cultural heritage, various produce and the diversity of La Trinidad people living in harmony and peace.

After all, in this day and age of the Internet, what we once deemed as a vast world disjointed by distance, norms and ethnicity has now been    homogenized into one Global Community.  From the coldest regions of the Arctic to the deserts of Africa to the sunny beaches of Southeast Asia, nation-states have been opening up their doors for a first-hand experience of their unique culture, people and sceneries – and a thousand and one more reasons why tourists should come back.

Long before this trend, the Municipality of La Trinidad has already rolled out the welcome mat to all who have set foot on its rolling hills and sprawling valley.

Today, at the portals are the welcome peals of Bell Church. Three kilometers away spread the   Strawberry Fields and the grounds of Benguet State University where cordilleran and foreign scholars get to study Agriculture. A ten-minute travel from the Provincial Capitol at Poblacion are the Rose Gardens of Bahong that supply major cities in the country. At the foot of the Mt. Kaluggong Eco-Park is the Balili River stretching 28 kilometers into the Province of La Union. And for those who long for  serenity amid the cool climate, he can choose among four of our communal forests : Alno, Alapang, Puguis and Shilan.

The bonfire of open friendship endures in La Trinidad and burns in the hearts of its people.

Amid growing efforts to boost tourism as a sustainable and eco-friendly means of generating revenue, La    Trinidad has likewise staked its claim as a decent tourist destination spot. It has gained modest success by making its mark in the world map by earning the status as the Nation’s Strawberry Capital and for being      recognized by the Guinness World Book of Records for having baked the largest Strawberry Shortcake. Throughout a hundred years, a variety of strawberries has been introduced to cater to the diversity of taste. Agricultural advances have made it possible to harvest the produce the whole year round.

Still, our commitment to give the best services and experience to both our people and visitors does not end there. We are making headway in agro-tourism thru innovative projects and Improving on infrastructure. We have been strict in implementing laws and ordinances to ensure everyone’s safety. We continue to conduct seminars and training for our farmers to improve yield and quality. We exert all viable means to preserve our ecology and, if damaged, to restore areas thru beautification and re-greening projects.

La Trinidad has more to offer. But in essence, what makes La Trinidad, La Trinidad – the Valley of Colors – are its people. Our people are our greatest resource, the diversity of which is as rich as our political and cultural     history.

Because of this, there is no dull moment for the traveler. No one is left out in the cold or gets lost in the mist. For one is sure to find his way around these hills and valley lit by the smiles of those he would come to meet. Here, he comes a tourist and goes home a brother, sister and a friend.